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About Us


Lyman Group, formerly known as SDR (Satya Djaya Raya) Group was established in 1959 by its founder, Mr. Susanta Lyman. Commencing from a trading business, Lyman Group presently diversified into other lines of business: Timber, Property, Building materials & Distribution, Agriculture and Oil & Gas.

Our philosophy has always been "Reliability & Quality is Our Business". It is highly reflected in the excellence of our products & services and the integrity of our management expertise.

We are committed to working together and contributing the best efforts for our people, business partners and clients. 

About Gracewood

GRACEWOOD, A pioneer in the timber industry and now one of the top ten timber producers in Indonesia.

Possesses 300.000 hectares of forest concessions, which supplies 350.000 cubic meters of logs annually. Its high value-added products are also known for its high quality. Its exports include floor base and 2.4mm plywood to Japan and was also conferred the JAS (Japan Agriculture Standard) Award and ISO 9002 Certification. Received commendation from the Ministry of Indonesian Forestry for their efforts in environmental protection, reforestation and social program implementation, also received  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest management certifier, Smart Wood  which sets the international gold standard for credibility in auditing environmentally and socially responsible forestry.

Gracewood Wood Flooring insists on environmentally friendly forestry Lyman’s reforestation and Balance Eco System ensures that all our timber comes from well-managed, sustainable forests which guarantee a high standard finished product through stringent quality assurance and control, starting from the raw material selection in our own logging concessions right through the final finishing stages. We care about our product also the future. 

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1. Apakah live chat pada website ini selalu aktif?
Live chat pada website selalu aktif selama 24 jam. 
Senin-Jumat: 09.00 - 17.00 WIB 
Namun diluar hari dan jam tersebut : slow response

2. Bagaimana cara memilih type Lantai Kayu Gracewood yang cocok untuk ruangan saya?
Pada prinsipnya produk lantai kayu itu cocok diaplikasikan untuk semua gaya design ruangan. Berikut ini kami berikan Tips Pemilihan untuk mendapatkan hasil yang optimal :
> Untuk ruangan sempit, sebaiknya memilih kayu dengan corak terang dan serat halus, karena corak gelap akan membuat suasana ruangan terkesan sempit atau sumpek.
> Untuk ruangan anak, sebaiknya memilih kayu dengan corak terang dan serat halus untuk memberikan kesan ruangan yang ceria dan bersemangat.
> Untuk rumah bergaya modern minimalis dan etnis, dapat memilih kayu bercorak gelap dengan serat yang simple.
> Untuk rumah bergaya klasik dan ruangan publik, dapat memilih kayu bercorak gelap atau terang dengan serat yang menonjol.

3. Apakah perhitungan kebutuhan di Menu Calcualtion yang sediakan website sudah benar?
Informasi di Menu Calculation yang kami sediakan bersifat estimasi sehingga hasil tersebut bukanlah hasil mutlak.  

4. Sebelum pemasangan lantai kayu Gracewood, kondisi lantai yang perlu disiapkan seperti apa ?
Permukaan lantai (acian ataupun keramik) yang hendak dipasang lantai kayu harus dalam kondisi rata dan kering, disekitarnya tidak terdapat bocoran air dan terhindar dari pengerjaan lainnya yang dapat merusak lantai.

5. Bagaimana jika lantai ruangan saya tidak rata?
Harus diratakan terlebih dahulu agar lantai kayu yang terpasang betul-betul rata dan nyaman.

6. Berapa lamakah waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk pemasangan lantai kayu gracewood?
Sebagai ilustrasi : ruangan seluas 20 m2 dapat diselesaikan dalam waktu 1-2 hari.

7. Apakah yang menyebabkan lantai kayu yang saya pesan coraknya berbeda –beda satu sama lain?
Karena Gracewood terbuat dari kayu asli yang memiliki motif serat beragam walaupun berasal dari pohon yang sama.

8. Ada berapa pola pemasangan yang bisa diterapkan ?
Pola pemasangan yang bisa diterapkan adalah pola susun bata, susun acak, pola diagonal dan diagonal susun bata.

9. Produk Lantai Kayu Gracewood dapat digunakan untuk bagian mana saja pada rumah tinggal?
Hanya direkomendasikan untuk pemakaian pada bagian lantai saja.




  • Gracewood wood flooring made from the real quality wood that is naturally beautiful. Unique grain pattern, subtle tones and shades that exude an ambience of natural warmth and acceptance in any setting. Warm to feel as Gracewood modulates temperature and humidity as there is nothing like a warm floor on a rainy afternoon or vice versa. 
  • Gracewood wood flooring has multiple layers of wood veneers crisscrossing to form an integrated whole that gives dimensional stability and helps prevent warping and bowing as found in solid timber strips.
  • The board surface is treated with a special advanced UV curing technique of moisture, stain-resistant and non-combustible properties. Its surface is smoother and its natural grain character more distinctive.
  • Gracewood wood flooring has complete range of accessories to covering the ending of wood with others materials.
  • Gracewood wood flooring can be installed on new and existing floors. As the four-sided tongues and grooves are bonded, it is fast, clean and easy to install. Install in the morning and ready to use in the evening.
  • Gracewood care for the enviroment. As an added level of environmental assurance, Gracewood has FSC Chain of Custody Certification, which allows us to carry FSC-certified flooring products and for those products to be used to earn points in the U.S Green Building Council's LEED building rating system. 


Wood Flooring Accessories Gracewood can be used for:

  • Ending / finishing between the wood flooring with other materials such as ceramic, carpet or with different types of wood flooring.
  • Ending / finishing between the wood flooring with other areas such as the lower level, higher level, the same level and ending of stair.












Certification And Award

Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. The Rainforest Alliance launched the world’s first sustainable forestry certification program in 1989 to encourage market-driven and environmentally and socially responsible management of forests, tree farms and forest resources. The organization helped to found the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the non-profit international body that manages the standard, in 1993. Through its certification, the Rainforest Alliance is accredited to certify forestry operations that meet the FSC's strict environmental, social and economic standards. Operations that earn certification can use a seal on wood products so consumers know that the wood they are buying comes from forestlands that are managed in a way that conserves biodiversity and ensures the rights of workers and local people. GRACEWOOD raw materials supplied by PT. Erna Djuliawati, a subsidiary of the Lyman Group, which has the forest concessions license and has been certified by SmartWood / Rainforest Alliance for its ability to carry out sustainable forest management and environmentally.


Green Building Council Indonesia

Lembaga KONSIL BANGUNAN HIJAU INDONESIA atau GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL INDONESIA adalah lembaga mandiri (non government) dan nirlaba (non-for profit) yang berkomitmen penuh terhadap pendidikan masyarakat dalam mengaplikasikan praktik-praktik terbaik lingkungan dan memfasilitasi transformasi industri bangunan global yang berkelanjutan. PT. Keramindo Megah Pertiwi, sebagai produsen Lantai Kayu Gracewood merupakan corporate founder dari GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL INDONESIA/GBCI sebagai wujud komitmen dalam pembudayaan penerapan prinsip - prinsip hijau/ekologis yang berkelanjutan/sustainability dalam perencanaan, pelaksanaan dan pengoperasian bangunan serta lingkungannya di Indonesia. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL institution or GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL INDONESIA is an independent institution (non-government) and non-profit organization that is committed to the education community in applying environment practices and facilitate the transformation of the global building industry sustainable. PT. Keramindo Megah Pertiwi, factory of Gracewood Wood Flooring is corporate founder of the GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL INDONESIA / GBCI as our commitment in the acculturation application of the principle - the principle of green / sustainable ecological / sustainability in the planning, implementation and operation of the building and the environment in Indonesia.



Gracewood meraih penghargaan Home Preferred Brand kategori Best Flooring – Parquet Award untuk ketiga kalinya. Acara ini diselenggarakan oleh Bintang Home & Home Living yang merupakan grup Media dari Ciputra Group. Bertempat di Ice Palace Ciputra World tgl 08 Oktober 2014, GRACEWOOD keluar menjadi pilihan terfavorit dari berbagai merk lainnya oleh para pembaca Bintang Home & Home Living melalui survey yang diedarkan selama 8 edisi.



Untuk ke-4 kali nya, Gracewood mendapatkan penghargaan Home Preferred Brand Award kategori Best Flooring – Parquet. Acara ini diselenggarakan oleh Bintang Home & Home Living yang merupakan grup Media di bawah naungan Ciputra Group. Bertempat di Ice Palace Ciputra World tanggal 07 Oktober 2015, GRACEWOOD terpilih sebagai produk lantai kayu terfavorit mengungguli brand lainnya. Proses penilaian penghargaan ini dilakukan melalui penyebaran angket terlampir di Tabloid Bintang Home selama tiga bulan berturut-turut dalam delapan kali edisi. Apresiasi para pembaca terhadap Gracewood melalui majalah Home ini, semoga menjadi inspirasi masyarakat umum dalam memilih produk berkualitas dan memiliki ber-value tinggi. “Terima kasih atas apresiasi dan kepercayaan yang diberikan kepada Gracewood,” ujar John Chang, Senior General Manager Gracewood. Dengan adanya penghargaan ini menjadikan Gracewood semakin termotivasi untuk terus berinovasi menghasilkan produk-produk berkualitas bagi para konsumen.


Service Support

Team technical support siap mensurvey lokasi dan memberikan jasa pemasangan.

Quality Service Guarantee

Jaminan produk terkirim adalah kayu ASLI berkualitas dengan corak kayu unik.

Delivery Service

Melayani pengiriman untuk wilayah Jabodetabek, Bandung (Free) dan sekitarnya hingga ke seluruh Indonesia dan mancanegara.

Service and care

Melayani dengan sepenuh hati dan berkomitmen memberikan solusi terbaik.


Head Office

Local : Jakarta - Lyman Wing Kota BNI Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1 Jakarta 10220.

Surabaya - Jl. Darmo Permai Selatan XIV / 16 Surabaya 60226.

Export : PT. Keramindo Megah Pertiwi Jl. Raya Serang KM 25, Balaraja Tangerang 15610.

Call Us

Local : Jakarta - Tel: +62 21 570 2662

Surabaya - Tel: +62 31 734 7560

Export : Tel: +62 21 5951589

Email Us

Local : info@gracewood.co.id

Export : aw@Lyman.co.id


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